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And I continue to pray

I just lost all my hopes for selena and justin .. but I still believe in a future for them …   : (

Still want to see August quandoo Justin back and will take time to do something … let’s just see ..

But until this month, I think I’ll give them up for now, for what? Make me suffer myself to myself

They were the ones who gave me strength to be okay with myself. They made me smile and make me cry just now, so I hope they make peace and rapid

And I continue to pray .Make me smile again

Ow Please hug me too well my friends, and from the beginning we know how much Alfredo is close to Selena, malta and he is the best friend of Justin!!

I’m glad it’s up to the Alfredo than any other guy, really

And now answer me because she (Selena) would spend time with the team of your “ex”?

I’m just saying and share my openião, I think they are a phase they are going slow

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